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LexMachina has been designed to meet the diverse range of legal, tax, insurance & finance Swiss experts’ translation needs, from day-to-day gisting to fully-reviewed and certified legal translations.

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The translation engine for legal, tax, insurance & finance Swiss experts
CHF 75 /month*
(base price per user)
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Your personal account gives you unlimited access to LexMachina: choose the language pair (DE, EN, FR, IT) and the specific legal field and translate texts or documents in Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, xml, etc.

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Your texts and translations remain yours: they are never stored on our servers. Learn more about our data security guarantee.

* Min. 1 year subscription period. Cancel any time during the first 3 months. VAT excl.

Additional services

Your subscription entitles you to the following exclusive rates on review services, which can be purchased directly from your LexMachina account.

As a LexMachina user, you can communicate directly with the legal translator assigned to your project via our unique review platform.

All reviewers registered on our secure review platform have undergone a strict vetting and clearance process.

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CHF 59/page
CHF 89/page

Entrust the revision of the translation produced by LexMachina to a legal translator with 3+ years of experience, and communicate directly with them.

The light review covers the essential aspects of the text (spelling, content verification, etc.). Click on the Comparison table above for a detailed overview of our review packages.

Entrust the revision of the translation produced by LexMachina to a specialized legal translator with 5+ years of experience in translating texts in the corresponding legal field, and communicate directly with them.

The full review comprises a complete and detailed verification of the text (spelling, content verification, terminological accuracy, consistency, style, formatting, etc.). Click on the Comparison table above for a detailed overview of our review packages.

Certification by a lawyer
CHF 109 /page

Have the translation produced by LexMachina- fully reviewed and certified by a licensed lawyer, and communicate directly with them. Notary and delivery fees (“A-mail in Switzerland”) are included in the price. Apostille available upon request.

Light/Full comparison
Light Review
CHF 59 /page
Full Review
CHF 89 /page (without certification)
CHF 109 /page (with certification)
Content verification
Specialized terminology
Client-specific terminology
Client style guide
Tone / register
Consistency / uniformity
Cultural or regional adaptations
Sentence restructuring
Stylistic changes

All our translation processes are designed to ensure the highest level of confidentiality and data security, allowing legal, tax, insurance & finance Swiss experts to meet their own professional secrecy obligations.

The texts or documents that you submit for translation in your LexMachina account are never saved on the servers. The reviewing services are carried out on our secure platform in Switzerland in compliance with our Information Security Management Policy (as per ISO 27001 standards).

I have other legal translation needs
I need translation services for a large-scale project

If you need to translate numerous documents for a specific project, request  a custom-made translation engine that will save you time, reduce your client’s costs, and increase translation quality.

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I want to review the translations myself – can you help?

The professional translators working on the LexMachina review platform have access to a wide range of linguistic and legal reference material, glossaries, and quality assurance functionalities. Tech-savvy professionals are welcome to use our full toolbox.

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I want to work with a traditional legal translation agency

If you wish to entrust your project to a traditional legal translation agency, please contact HieronymusTranslations by Lawyers for Lawyers, our legal translation partner.

I am not a lawyer but I need machine translation services

If you work for the translation or legal department of a company (bank, insurance company, etc.), you can request a machine translation system tailor-made to the needs of your company or department, to be installed on-premises or on your cloud infrastructure.

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