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LexMachina is a product of Neur.on AI Solutions, the first LegalTech startup to address the specific translation challenges facing legal, tax, and banking professionals.

A spin-off from a well-established specialized Swiss Language Service Provider, Hieronymus – Translations by Lawyers for Lawyers, Neur.on makes state-of-the-art AI translation tools readily available for law, banking, insurance and tax specialits.

Today, Neur.on’s first product, LexMachina – the Translation Engine for legal, tax, insurance & finance Swiss experts, is already being intensely used by large Swiss law firms, legal publishers, and cantonal public authorities.

The close cooperation between Neur.on’s team of lawyer-linguists and NLP-engineers, and the company’s clients ensures continuous improvement of Neur.on’s industry-specific solutions. This multidisciplinary approach includes a close collaboration with the University of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg (HEIA-FR).

Our mission is to bring more efficiency to the legal, tax and finance industry by concentrating on its specific language needs.

Our top priorities are:

• Confidentiality and data security

• Legal and linguistic expertise focused on the needs legal, tax and finance professionals

• Continuous development and innovation

Our team is made of innovative and dedicated lawyers, linguists, and engineers for whom no detail is too small. We strive for constant improvement and are delighted to share LexMachina with our clients.

Our managing & research team

Paula Reichenberg
Founder & CEO
Yann-Ivain Beffa
Orane Laeri
Donatien Burin des Roziers
Backend & DevOps Engineer
Nicolas Feyer
Full Stack Developer
Stéphanie Lantin
Head of Customer Success & Data Gathering
Jean Hennebert
Research & AI Advisor
Brian Firlit
Growth & Strategy Advisor