Tailor-Made Engines

If you need to translate numerous documents for a specific project, we can set up a custom-made machine translation engine to suit your needs.

Together we will define the relevant legal and technical fields. Our team of computational linguists will then select the appropriate training data, and the case-specific terminology will be extracted for your review and approval. The custom-made engine will learn from our linguists’ feedback throughout the project, continuously improving the quality as well as reducing delivery time and costs.

Use cases

International litigation / Arbitration

Your firm needs to translate briefs, exhibits, and decisions within the framework of an international litigation (>1000 pages)

Regulatory Audits

Your firm needs to process documentation requests from foreign authorities and to provide them with translations of the relevant documents

Patent Litigation

Your firm needs to translate briefs, exhibits, expert reports, etc. in the context of an international patent litigation (>1000 pages)